Kinetex Textile Composite Flooring

Kinetex is an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring.

Created as a unique alternative to hard surface products, EF Contract’s Kinetex has an unprecedented range of performance attributes for education, corporate, public space and healthcare environments.

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Eight Ways Kinetex Advances Flooring Performance



Kinetex delivers enduring performance, year after year. One of the most thoroughly tested flooring products on the market, it has outstanding dimensional stability and unparalleled crush resistance—and has withstood more than 5 million foot traffic events, which is equivalent to decades of traffic in a typical classroom or office setting.



Tough to wear out, easy to maintain; with vacuuming and encapsulation cleaning, Kinetex looks like new, year after year. Thanks to a lightweight face construction, Kinetex retains less water than carpet and dries faster.

It is easily sanitized and resists the most challenging staining agents, including beverages, condiments, oily food, biological spills and most other common stains—which means splashes and spills are no match for Kinetex.


Moisture Tolerance

The most common subfloor, concrete, can release excessive moisture and destroy floor covering systems—unless costly precautions are taken before installation. But moisture mitigation isn’t necessary with Kinetex; its breathable nature allows moisture to pass through its backing, instead of trapping it underneath.

Kinetex textile composite flooring will perform in elevated RH slabs up to 100%.



Kinetex minimizes airborne particulates that trigger allergies and cause infection. It easily surpasses California’s 01350 requirements—the most popular U.S. standard for evaluating and restricting VOC emissions indoors. Plus: it’s easily sanitized and quick to dry, so cleaning Kinetex is fast and effective.



Kinetex is the only wall-to-wall textile floor covering certified as High-Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute. Its innovative construction creates one of the most slip-resistant flooring surfaces ever tested— wet or dry—to prevent falls before they happen.

And with a unique low profile, Kinetex has minimal rolling resistance, potentially reducing injuries from pushing and pulling.



Kinetex delivers unparalleled acoustic performance, with one of the highest Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) and Impact Insulation Classifications (IIC) ratings of any commercial flooring product.

The result: a dramatic reduction in both in-room and structure-borne noise, allowing for greater voice recognition, fewer mistakes, less vocal strain, enhanced learning and improved occupant perception.



Kinetex, a soft textile surface with a high-density backing, has exceptional anti-fatigue properties and minimal rolling resistance. Because it can absorb energy, Kinetex has the potential to reduce repetitive foot stress injuries and other injuries related to standing and frequent movement from place to place.

With its thermal insulation properties, Kinetex also provides a warmer indoor environment.



Made with 45% post-consumer recycled content, each Kinetex tile contains the equivalent of 27 used water bottles. This dematerialized flooring product and its longer life mean that Kinetex has a much smaller environmental footprint than other commercial flooring options.

Furthermore, Kinetex is NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified (the industry-leading standard for sustainability) and has a Red List Free DECLARE label.

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Where to Use Kinetex


Acute care hospitals, medical office buildings, urgent care clinics, outpatient surgery centers, outpatient physical therapy/rehab centers, outpatient imaging centers, etc.


Early childhood development centers, preschool, k-12, higher education.


Wholesale/retail merchants.


Hotels, restaurants.

Commercial Offices:

Offices, call centers.

Transportation/Public Venues:

Airports, bus/train stations, performing arts centers, athletic arenas, conference centers.

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